SWS works closely with companies throughout WA, providing services from a qualified Hydrogeologist to projects needing to manage and secure water.

We work with industry, mining, agriculture and government providing hydrogeological services and support in mining and project water management related to licencing, monitoring and compliance reporting. We have built strong networks with operational personnel, service providers, government agencies and regulators.

We provide clients with strategic and technical water advice for water management in WA and have extensive experience in data management and reporting as part of external permitting and compliance commitments.

SWS has identified business opportunities for mine water to be strategically managed at all stage of the mining cycle. Hidden operational costs attributed to a lack of planning, performance monitoring, auditing and review can be identified and minimised, to the benefit of the client.

We can manage all aspects of site water management such as the design and implementation of monitoring programs, data management systems and water sampling. Our services include the installation of monitoring and recovery bores and the training and supervision of site personal in all aspects of site water mangement and safe handling during sampling.

SWS can help you manage your projects water and help improve your bottom line. In addition we have specialist scientists who can undertake environmental studies, prepare or review a water balance, review licencing conditions and renegotiate as appropriate to help you quantify what you really have and identify what you really need to do.

We focus on reducing project planning and operating costs.