Taking a Strategic Approach to Water Management

Some operations take a reactive approach to water management and decision making and this increases the risk of project or plant closure, revenue loss or adverse environmental impacts.  In addition, I have seen the failure to strategically plan for water at all stages of a project resulting in delays in approvals and permitting and unnecessary costs. This approach can risk a loss of investor or stakeholder confidence, diminished shareholder value and develop into a poor reputation among regulators. Poorly designed compliance conditions and requirements result in unnecessary and excessive monitoring costs and compliance reporting.

Well executed water management plans and monitoring programs will provide:

  • Efficient water licencing and permitting processes;
  • reduced operating costs through effective monitoring programs, data management and compliance reporting;
  • improved environmental outcomes and reduced environmental risk;
  • continued access to water for production and growth;
  • enhanced reputation through better stakeholder relationships that consider community expectations;
  • improved working relationships with regulatory authorities; and
  • the efficient use of a fit for purpose resource.
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